Take a look on how to use ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System Manual

ISO 14001 is the Environmental Management System standard. This manual has been developed and organized to help all organizations interested in the development of an Environmental Management System (EMS) which is compatible with ISO 14001. It is designed to provide guidance on the intent of ISO 14001 EMS. EMS internal program developers should use this manual.

The purpose of ISO 14001 manual is to define and describe the environmental management system, to define authorities and responsibilities of the management personnel involved in the operation of the system, and to provide general procedures for all activities comprising the environmental management system

Look after following points before using ISO 14001 – Manual

The process begins with an Initial review not required by the standard, but essential for program development and then embraces Policy, Aspects, Objectives and Targets, etc in the order they appear in ISO 14001. Each section has the same format:

  • Definition: This section describes what the sub clause of ISO really means.
  • Purpose: This section describes what the sub clause of ISO hopes to achieve in the Program.
  • Procedure: This section describes how you should build your program to comply with the sub clause, what things you should consider, and how you will integrate the procedures into what you already do.
  • Tips: Tips are just that tips on things you should think about in reference to this section and reminders about what types of line items need to be included in the procedure and documentation.

This manual was written by experienced developers ISO 14001 programs. Take the time to read an entire section and then think before you write. It is recommended that you read an article about a day and spend some time thinking before writing the next. For some sections, such as operational control, it may take several days to produce documents and implement the practices. You can consult the manual section on the operational control every few days during this phase to remind you of what you are trying to accomplish.


What will be The Specific Changes in ISO 14001:2015?

In previous posts we were discussing about what is an ISO 14001:2015 in detail. Now in this post we are going to learn about What will be the specific changes in ISO 14001:2015 for any organization.

The revised version of ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management, is on target for 2015. We reported back in 2012 that the update was due, but this has now been delayed 2015.The new ISO 14001:2015 standard specific changes are below:

Strategic Environmental Management
There is a new requirement to understand the context of the organization determining external and internal issues relevant to the organization and the environment. Particular focus is on the needs and expectations of interested parties that can affect, or be affected by, the organization. In this context the organization shall identify risks associated with threats and opportunities, significant environmental aspects and compliance obligations and determine actions to address them within the EMS.

A new clause has been added with specific responsibilities for top management to demonstrate their leadership and commitment to environmental management.

Protecting the Environment
Environmental policy shall include a commitment to the protection of the environment. There is no definition about this but it includes prevention of pollution and other commitments such as sustainable resource use, climate change mitigation and adaptation, protection of biodiversity and ecosystems, etc.

Performance Evaluation
The emphasis is now on improving performance related to the management of environmental aspects. The organization shall determine criteria to evaluate its environmental performance, using appropriate indicators.

Lifecycle thinking
Organizations will need to extend its control and influence to the environmental impacts from raw material acquisition/generation to end-of-life treatment. This does not imply a requirement to carry out a lifecycle assessment.

Equal emphasis on external and internal communications has been added. The decision to communicate externally is retained by the organization but taking into account its compliance obligations.

The term ISO 14001 documented information is used instead of documents and records. The organization has the flexibility to determine when procedures are needed.

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What is an ISO 14001:2015?

ISO 14001:2015Here in my first post of this blog, I am going to share some information about ISO 14001:2015, which will help to small and medium size organization to control environmental effect in the values and communication more effectively for  upgraded EMS ISO standard.  

ISO 14001 is that the globally known environmental management system international standard and it provides a systematic framework to assist organizations keep the environments through balanced socio-economic wealth.

In conjunction with associate updated ISO 9001, a revision of ISO 14001 is being released the year of middle of 2015. A draft version of the revised standards should available in market in last year.

Improve of ISO 14001 comes as a more and more firms are considering the importance – not only financial, but also social and ecological issues. During this means, by incorporating property and strengthening the standard with relation to business management, the ISO 14001:2015 standard helps organizations be a lot of sustainable and highly developed, as critical simply that specialize in managing environmental aspects and compliance issue.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has revision of ISO 14001:2015 standard has created focus of small and medium size enterprises. The especial standard helps small enterprises managements environmental effects within the values chain, have interaction stakeholders and communicate effectively with those each in and out of the organization.

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